April 2021 Newsletter
April 2021 Horizon News

Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter weekend with lots of chocolate, decorative bonnets and a visit from an Easter bunny who hopped in to say hello! 

Welcome Back! 

We are so happy to be able to welcome family members and loved ones back into our homes this month! We missed you! 

National Pet Month! 

We loved sharing our staff member's cuddly and adorable pets for National Pet Month on our social media pages!

Making Friends in the Community! 

We are so thankful to have received some lovely donations this month from family, friends, our local Morrison's, St. Helen's Primary School and Laughton All Saints Church! 

Time for a Haircut! 

Clients at Anston Brook took advantage of the easing Covid restrictions and had a lovely day out getting their hair cut and enjoying some pizza for lunch! 

Soaking up the Sun!

 We made the most of the sunny weather this month by spending lots of time in our gardens and working hard on our garden project! 


Friendship Afternoon! 

Clients at Greenacres Grange have been enjoying a weekly Friendship Afternoon complete with a delicious afternoon tea and lots of smiles and laughter!

Messages Home! 

Clients at Springfield Grange decided to write some lovely messages to send to family and loved ones at home! 

Remembering Prince Philip 

Clients at Greenacres Grange spent an afternoon remembering the life and accomplishments of Prince Philip. 

Indoor Pub Grand Opening! 

Clients can now enjoy a brand new indoor pub at Wood Hill Lodge! Now they just have to think of a name... 

Birthday Corner! 

These lovely ladies celebrated their birthdays this month with lots of cake and smiles all around! 

This month we have been very busy! Clients have enjoyed a virtual sing-a-long, an afternoon of dancing, lots of arts and crafts and a pyjama day! 

Keep an eye out for more exciting events taking place in May!