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Specialist Care

Complex Dementia

Horizon follows Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care. A positive approach to care starts with recognising that it is the responsibility of the care giver and provider to change their approach to the person living with dementia rather than seek their change. Through this our team have the ability to positively support individuals displaying complex behaviours. Our team offer dementia care with good humour and without prejudice.

Neuro Care

We offer support to individuals with a range of conditions involving the nervous system; from Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease, to Moto Neurone Disease and Epilepsy. Our specialist team focus and the individual’s choices and preferences within the context of the complexities of the complex clinical care and regimes associated with Neuro Care. Our team offer neuro care with personality, individuality and precision.

Brain injury & Rehabilitation

We support individual’s with spinal injuries, acquired brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries including stroke care. The care pathway we offer are designed in partnership with the individual and is focused on supporting individuals to achieve outcomes that matter in their lives. Our services include specialist clinical care, hydrotherapy, multidisciplinary therapy and lifestyle and wellbeing support. Our team offer rehabilitation with personality and thoughtfulness.

Learning Disability

We support an individual to connect positively with the world around. We tailor support to their ability and wellbeing; and at the same time focus on lifelong learning and enablement. We create support around the individual that promotes wellbeing and supports people to live the way they want to live and achieve what they want to achieve. Our team support individuals with learning disabilities with an open mind and positive approach to risk.


We encourage the use of flexible and transitional support, assistive technology, education and community resources and links to promote independence in everyday living. Each individual’s support is designed with the individual and is always underpinned by the principle of enabling an individual to become a citizen who contributes and actively participates with the community around them as fully as possible. Our team support individuals with autism with patience and out of the box thinking.

Post-Operative Care & Rehabilitation

We understand that people often need a period to recuperate and rehabilitate following an operation or a period of hospital treatment. Our specialist team offer rehabilitation to support people to achieve short and long-term goals. Our services offer time to recover health and strength partnered with day one a focus on learning skills and gaining confidence to return home. Our team support rehabilitation and post-operative care with understanding and passion for you to succeed.

Bariatric Care

Our purpose-built suites to support individuals weighing over 25 stone (159 kg) or with a BMI of over 30. Our specialist team offer individual support for mobility, function, nutrition and psychological wellbeing. We support individuals to successfully navigate changes in their relationship with wellbeing and the world around them as well as promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Our team support bariatric clients with sensitivity and enthusiasm for rehabilitation and reablement.

The care services that we provide
Long Term Care Homes in Sheffield, Doncaster & Rotherham
Find your Home Sweet Home with our range of residential and nursing care.
Supported Living
Live independently with care and support on your terms.
Day, Respite & Short Breaks
Enjoy some rest, recuperation and fun at our short breaks services.
Our Hydrotherapy Centres
Enjoy a splash in the pool with our specialist team to re-enable and reinvigorate.
Therapy & Rehabilitation
Benefit from Specialist Neurological and Respiratory Therapy and Rehabilitation.
End of Life Care
Share precious time with family and friends in safe and warm surroundings.